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New Models of RC Laser Pointer!!


2.4GHz RF Wirless Optical Mouse & Keyboard COMBO (SC-WMK-G101)

RF Remote Control Wireless Presenter (SC-LP-228)

usb web key/web link/usb key--usb advertisement gifts

USB RC wireless laser pointer / presenter with colck display(sc-lp-117)

multimedia wirelss pc presenter with trackball mouse-high tech usb novelty products(sc-lp-515)

name card / credit card shape USB disk(bussiness gift)(SC-U-4306)

Infrared Remote Wireless Control Laser Pointer(RC Green Laser Pointer)-(SC-LP-138G)

1RC Green Laser Pointer(Presentation Pen) SC-LP-G238

U Flash Disk (USB Stick) for Promotion Gift using (SC-UP-126)

usb fan (sc-fan-108)--usb gadgets /usb promotional gifts china wholesaler

Spy Camera/Mini Pen DVR Camcoder with Built-in Flash Memory and Built-in Rechargeable Battery(SC-DVR-101)

mini usb wireless bluetooth earphone / headset with clips (sc-ad-m105)

portable mini USB Paper Shredder (sc-g-1201b)--usb novelty gadgets

desk USB Paper Shredder (sc-g-1202)---usb office tools

USB Laptop Cooling Pad (sc-cp-101)

USB Mini Aquarium (SC-G-30B)---USB festival gifts

USB Dicso Light(sc-lamp-84)--fashion usb gadgets

!2.4G Hz Radio Frenquency(RF) Wireless remote control Presenter(RC laser pointer)-(SC-LP-308)

HOT Products!

USB Light(cable foldable ) (sc-lamp-87)

usb torch (environment-friendly) (sc-lamp-86)

USB Fantastic Light /USB lamp /usb flashlight (sc-lamp-85)

fashion USB Jellyfish (sc-g-33)--usb mini Aquarium

usb laptop cooling pad with three fans (sc-cp-104)

usb Laptop Cooling Pad with two fans(sc-cp-102)---usb promotional gifts

Rear-head Wearing Stereo Bluetooth Headset with Invisible Microphone (SC-AD-201)

usb wireless presenter with LCD time display and multimedia mouse function(sc-lp-507)

usb web key with usb hub-usb promotional gifts

USB VOIP phone with LCD display for 13 VOIP Plateforms (SC-UPH-211)

RF Remote Control Wireless Presenter (SC-LP-228)

RC Smart Laser Pointer-(All-In-One) (SC-LP-301)(a perfect presentation tool)

RC Laser Pointer(Smart Pointer)-(SC-LP-108)

1RC Green Laser Pointer(Presentation Pen) SC-LP-G238

Promotion Products

USB fan with switch and foldable cable (sc-fan-110)[USD$]

car shape usb ashtray (sc-g-1502)--usb environment protective products[USD$]

usb fridge (sc-g-1603)---usb office gifts[USD$]

usb cooler pad for laptop (sc-cp-103)--usb gadgets [USD$]

wireless Stereo Bluetooth Headset with clips (sc-ad-200)[USD$]

mono wireless bluetooth handset / earphone(china wholesale)(sc-ad-w005)[USD$]

pen style usb flash memory drives with laser pointer and LED torch(sc-u-208)[USD$]

U-disk flash memory usb stick with ball pen and green laser pointer(sc-u-2311)[USD$]


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Who Are We?
Shenzhen Superchampion Tech Co.,Ltd is a professional supplier, wholesale,manufacturer and exporter of computer peripheral USB devices in China, our technican team has been specialized in USB technology for several years, we develop and manufacture many USB products, such as Wireless Remote Control Laser Pointer / RC Laser Pointer, Laser Pen, Wireless Presenter (forElectronical Presentation Use), USB /Voip / Skype / Internet Phone, Wireless Earphone, USB Multifunctional Mouse Pad , SIM Card Reader, USB Sound Card, USB HUB , 2.4G Wireless Remote Mouse and Keyboard, PC Remote Controller, Bluetooth Adaptor,USB dongle,USB fan,USB Light, PC Camera, HDD Enclosure,USB Stick,USB Flash Disk,,USB to PS2 Adaptor/Aable,Card Reader and so on. We can customize these usb products according to the special requirements, so these custom-made products also can be regarded as very good promotional gifts, advertisement gifts, or business gifts.
We can provide high quality USB products to our customers. Most of our products have passed the CE , FCC and ROHS certifiction. We have our own R&D department with powerful ability of design and updating, and so we can design some personality products to meet your requirements.
Taking the humanistic culture and splendid future, we have attracted large numbers of conscientious, highly-efficient, energetic elites, dedicated people and looking forward to cooperating with worldwide companies pursuing excellence and progress together.
OEM and ODM are welcomed.

Hot Product Recomended:RC Laser Pointer
Wireless Remote Control( RC )Laser Pointer, which is also called"Wireless (Cordless) Laser Presenter", "Wireless (cordless) Presentation Laser Pen", "PowerPoint Laser Pointer", "Powerful Laser Pointer", or "USB Laser Pointer", is a conveniently useful tool for electronic presentation. With the popularization of computer, most of presentions are in electronic documents and played by personal computer(PC) instead of film presentations in the past time. RC laser Pointer is consisted of 2 parts, the Remote Controller (Laser pen) and the Receiver, the receiver is plug-and-play with a USB plug connect to the USB port of the PC. Lecturers could wirelessly remote the presentation page-up , page-down and screen-blank(for some models), he (she) needn't keep very close to the PC to press the keyboard for page-up or page-down. Most models of our RC Laser Pointer can be add U flash disk (USB Stick) function in the receiver, people can save the needed files to the U disk for presentation use.
There are mainly 2 technical methods to realize wireless remote controlling, Radio Frenquency (RF) and Infrared Ray (IR), the distinction between the 2 mothods is that RF signals could penetrate through opaque objects while IR can't .
RC Laser Pointer also is a very nice product which can be a suitable premotion electronical gifts for companies, universities, training organs, hospitals and so on, the color of RC Laser Pointer and its receiver can be customerized, we can also print customer's Logo on the surface .
Read more about RC Laser Pointer... .

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We are Chinese manufacturer of USB Remote Control RC Laser Pointer,Wireless laser Presenter,2.4G Wireless Mouse, Digital Photo Frame,Digital Photo Displayer, USB Phone,Earphone , HEADSET, Audio,USB SIM Card Reader/ Backup,USB Adaptor& Cable,USB Mouse Pad,USB Stick / USB Flash Disk,USB HUB,USB HDD / HDD Enclosure, USB Card Reader,USB PEN,USB Bluetooth / Dongle,USB Mouse & Keyboard,USB Fan/ Light/ Carftwork,PC Camera,Wireless Mouse; Keyboard,Other USB Promotion / gift ,All kinds of USB Products in China,USB supplier,USB products manufacturer,pc usb,usb periph,USB P,USB P,USB PRODUCTS IN CHINA

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New Products ,   Wired Optical Mouse  , 2.4G RF Wireless Mouse ,   2.4G RF Wireless Combo(Mouse & Keyboard) ,  27M RF Wireless Mouse ,   27M RF Wireless Combo(Mouse & Keyboard) ,  Bluetooth Mousee  ,  Laser Mouse,    Multi Functional Mouse ,   Folding Flexible Keyboard  USB Number Keyboard

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New Products,   3.5 inch GPS Navigation  ,  4.3 inch GPS Navigation  , 7 inch GPS Navigation  , GPS Mobile Phonee  ,  Car MP3 Player ,  Bluetooth Hand-free Car Kit , GPS Receiver

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